Which is better R or Python?

These days, both the R and Python programming languages have gained prominence because of its multiple features and benefits. It has become the first choice for data science for the purposes of data analytics. Because of the requirement of trained R and Python professionals in big companies, many IT graduates are looking for Training in this programming languages for better career options. But, one question that is common to everyone is- which language is the best? Which course should they go for?

To get the answer to this question, let’s have a close on the difference of both the programming languages in different parameters:

  • In terms of speed: Python is a high programming language that has the ability to makes fast applications. But, R takes double the time of the Python to load the file.
  • Ease of understanding and learning: If we are talking about R then many beginners might find it a bit difficult to understand because of the programming. But, it is not that hard to understand and learn. Once you get familiar with the language, you will be able to understand it. On the other hand, Python is considered as a simple language as it focuses on code readability and productivity. Python language is preferred by both the experienced and beginner developers because of its easy to understand the feature. This feature of Python has made people join an Institute to get certified in the course.
  • Flexibility: If we will compare on the basis of flexibility then we will find that it is simple to make use of the complicated formulas. Along with this, models are easy to use and understand in R. When we talk about the Python flexibility then it is flexible only when anything new is being built from the scratches.
  • Graphical capabilities: When compared on the parameter of graphical capabilities, you will find that both R and Python have advanced graphical capabilities. R is having multiple packages whereas Python visualization libraries including bokeh and seaborn. Python consists of a number o libraries as compared to R but they are complex in functionality and don’t give good outputs.
  • Tool advancement: Both the programming languages are packed with required basic and advanced functionality. As R language has been widely demanded in academics, the development of the latest techniques is quick and fast. The feature of both the languages only matters when you are working on the algorithms and latest features.
  • Data handling: R has number of packages and is featured with readily practical tests that it ideal and convenient for the analysis. For parallel computation, both these languages are considered suitable.
  • Job scenario: There is a number of companies that operate for big data, artificial intelligence that demand the professionals of Python. It has a slight higher demand for jobs in the market for data analysis. So, you get enrolled yourself in different training centers in Noida and Gurgaon if you also want a career in this sector.

With the above-mentioned features, it is clear that both the programming languages have some pros and cons. knowing after which, you should proceed to choose the language for the applications. Most of the people having IT background have Certification in R and Python that makes them suitable for large enterprises.

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