Which is better Java or Python?

What is Python training course

There is no doubt that programming languages are the backbone of the software industry. For any kind of programming activity, programming languages are considered as the main programming tool. Python and Java are two important object-oriented programming languages that widely used in different organizations. Both languages have some unique features that make them ideal for the application. In the present scenario, there is a huge demand for experts of Java and Python in software industries. Even employers are looking for a trained professional. This demand of job opportunities enabled various IT related people to go for training from a reputed institute.

But, people always ask –which of these languages is better? If you are also having the same question then here is a list of few advantages and disadvantages of both the languages. This will help you know better about the programming language. Let’s have a look in a discreet manner:

What is Python training course

Know about Python

Python is an interpreted language that has a supportive structure. The best part of this language is that it offers logic, magic, and meta-programming. Python is designed to run in parallel mode on GPUs. Some interesting features of Python are:

  • Compiles the native byte code
  • Less code program creation
  • Slow in execution
  • Easy to read relative to Java


  • Python has easy to understand and simple syntax that makes it ideal over other languages.
  • It finds its great application in web development.
  • This programming language is more useful in data analysis and visualization.
  • If we are comparing on the basis of the job then Python has a number of job opportunities for those are trained and have certification in Python.


  • One of the main disadvantages of this language is that it can be used only on fewer platforms.
  • In most cases, Python is slow than Java because of its interpreted language.
What is JAVA training course
Know about Java

Java has been specially designed to run on any platform by using the Java Virtual Machine (JVM). Today, this programming language is extensively used as the main programming for smartphones, tablets, and other devices. In addition to this, this forms a huge part in the Android operating systems. Some of the important features of Java include:

  • No compilation of native byte code
  • Static typing
  • Larger programs
  • Curly braces are used only in the start and end of functions
  • Oops is essential
  • Data types of variables cannot be changed
  • One of the main advantages of Java is that is its readable and well structure. No matter what kind of code it is, you can easily read on Java.
  • In Java, you will get a broad range of frameworks as well as libraries that are ideal for adding new functionality to the program.
  • It is compatible with a number of platforms such as server back ends, android apps, and desktop application. Therefore, many people considered it is the best programming language over others.
  • There is number of boilerplate codes in Java as compared to Python or any other language.
  • Some of the features of Java are too slow

If you are interested in programming then you have to have a close look at both of these. To get training for these languages, you can join the course in Noida and Gurgaon.

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