Have a Look Tally ERP Shortcut Keys

Keyboard shortcut keys for every software is considered as very important as it reduces work complexities and saves lots of user time. In other words, the shortcut keys are known to draw a specific attention of users while using Tally software. In order to operate and journalize financial statements prepared for users in order to interpret for taking decisions related to financial statements. In description here we are discussed Tally ERP 9 shortcuts for almost every functions. It means you can be deployed without touching the mouse that can assist you for easy navigation, fast data entry, easy printing, data import export and many other functions.

Process to Categorize Shortcut Keys in Tally ERP 9?

Shortcut keys of Tally ERP 9 are arranged in a manner that a new user can find out by glance on screen. Let’s have a look at several categories:

Short Shut Company:

Shortcut Key

Key Type



Shut Company

Key with single underline

One line denoted that ALT is new key used with

Example: To shut the company ALT + F1 is used


Credit Note

Two lines shortcut

CTRL with double lines is an added key with key shown on screen

Ex- CTRL+F8 ( key to choose credit note)



Shortcut without underline

Key shown without line means it is the shortcut of that function

EX- F2 is for date.

Tally ERP 9- Shortcut Keys Combination

For navigation of menu, there are several useful short cut keys in tally. Once after pressing red letter tally will navigate you to such menu.

Usage of ShortCut keys for choosing voucher Types?

In order to access voucher segment in order to submit transaction, there are a few shortcut keys. Shortcut keys are made available for every accounting, inventory voucher types. With the help of user-friendly methods to access a voucher.

Key shortcut

Function of shortcut keys

Location of key


Choosing company or opening company

You will find on gateway of tally


Choosing payroll voucher from inventory voucher.

Tally->inventory voucher or accounting voucher payroll voucher


For choosing order voucher from accounting voucher

Tally-> accounting voucher->sales voucher


Choosing purchase order voucher from accounting voucher screen

Tally-> accounting voucher-> PO voucher


Choose memorandum voucher

Tally-> Accounting voucher->memorandum voucher


Choosing debit note voucher

Tally->accounting voucher-debit note


Choosing credit note voucher

Tally->accounting voucher->credit note


Choosing sales voucher

On tally gateway->sales voucher


Choosing purchase voucher

Tally->accounting voucher-purchase voucher


Choose journal voucher

Tally->accounting voucher->journal voucher


Choosing receipts voucher

Tally->accounting voucher->receipt voucher


Payments voucher

Tally->payments voucher


Choose contra voucher

Tally-> accounting voucher->contra voucher


Choose job workout order voucher

Tally->accounting voucher->job workout order


Choose job work in order voucher

Tally-> Accounting voucher->work in order voucher


Using Shortcut Keys when passing voucher entry in Tally ERP 9


Key shortcuts


Place where used


Removing data filed while preparation of voucher

all data entry or type field


For deleting voucher or a master

All report screen that can be seen in columnar format


Creation of master

At screen of voucher entry


Canceling a voucher

From voucher lists or day book


For accepting form

Using the key combination report or screen gets accepted. It is an option for quick saving.


Toggle between invoice & voucher mode

Creation of sale or purchase voucher display


Inserting voucher

When you’re willing to toggle b/w items & accounting invoice.


For duplicating a voucher

At sales ledger or day or ledgers-> put cursor on entry & press this key for duplicating a voucher


For switching to calculator

While all data entry


ShortCut For Using Generation Reports in Tally ERP 9

Key: ALT+N
Function: For viewing reports in automatic columns
Usage: Cash or bank books, journal register, cash or bank books

Key: ALT+R
Function: For hiding or removing line in report
Usage: On screen of all reports

Key: ALT+P
Function: For report printing
Usage:  On all report screen

Key: ALT+E
Function: For exporting report in ASCII, HTML, PDF & XML
Usage:  On every report screen

Key: ALT +F1
Function: For viewing report in details
Usage: On every report screen

GST Related Short Cut Keys in Tally ERP 9


Key: ALT+J
Function: Receiving voucher for statutory adjustment
Usage: In gst reports and journal voucher

Key: ALT+S
Function:  For receiving payment voucher for statutory
Usage: Payment voucher

Key: ALT +O
Function:  For opening GST dashboard
Usage: in GST reports

Key: CTRL +E
Function: For exporting return
Usage: in GST reports


Key: CTRL +E
Function: To see accepted as same as it is
Usage: in GST reports

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